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Luxottica – Essilor Merger

This is my opinion, and “not necessarily the opinion of our sponsors.” What will the merger of Luxottica and Essilor mean for the eye care industry? 1. Increased pace of consolidation for ECP’s. There has already been a lot of activity in this sphere, with companies such as MyEyeDr and Clarkson Eyecare buying many independent […]

Advantages to Owning the Practice

I speak to some of the Colleges of Optometry in the United States, and without fail get asked what is the advantage of owning your own practice, versus the advantages of working for someone else. My reply to this question is usually pretty long, but I’ll try to shorten it for this blog. The obvious […]

Maximize the Holiday Season

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day has been known for years as the top shopping period of the year. Thanks to insurance and flex spending accounts, it is also a great time of year to boost sales in the eye care field. Make sure you are contacting your patients with your holiday sales […]


I have read articles published in many eye care publications including Review of Optometry, Eyecare Business and others discussing the value of getting a professional appraisal. I have read some “experts” opinions saying that practices should sell for 55% to 65% of the last three years’ average gross collections. Others say that practices will sell […]


How can you thrive in today’s marketplace? A huge part of developing a successful practice is service. Service can take on many forms, but we all know when we are getting good service or bad service. Think of the last time you went to a restaurant. Was your service good or bad, and what were […]

Welcome Post

Welcome to OptiRova LLC and the Professional Practice Marketplace. We are here to serve the Eye Care marketplace and the Eye Care Professionals that care for their patients’ vision. We look forward to assisting many ECP’s to achieve their goals, be it buying a practice, selling a practice, or improving a practice. During the past […]